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Definition Edit

The copyright misuse doctrine is an equitable defense against a copyright infringement claim, based on the abusive or improper conduct of the copyright owner in enforcing the copyright.

Overview Edit

The doctrine — which has its historical roots in the unclean hands defense — "bars a culpable plaintiff from prevailing on an action for the infringement of the misused copyright." It "forbids the use of the [copyright] to secure an exclusive right or limited monopoly not granted by the [Copyright] Office and which it is contrary to public policy to grant."[1]

"Copyright misuse is a defense to a claim of copyright infringement."[2]

A finding of misuse does not, however, invalidate plaintiff's copyright. Indeed, the court in Lasercomb[3] specified that "[plaintiff] is free to bring a suit for infringement once it has purged itself of the misuse."[4]


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