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Definitions Edit

Business Edit

Control is

[a]ny action which reduces the probability of a risk occurring or reduces its impact if it does occur.[1]

Computer security Edit

A control is a management, operational, or technical safeguard prescribed for an information system and the security controls in place or planned to implement that safeguard.

A control is a "measure that is modifying risk. Note: controls include any process, policy, device, practice, or other actions which modify risk."[2]

Data security Edit

Control is the authority of an organization that maintains information to regulate access to the information. Having control is a condition or state and not an event. Loss of control is also a condition or state which may or may not lead to an event (e.g., a Privacy Incident).

General Edit

Control is

[t]he means of managing risk, including policies, procedures, guidelines, practices, or organizational structures, which can be of an administrative, technical, management, or legal nature.[3]

References Edit

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