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The Contracting Officer's Technical Representative (COTR) is

[a]n individual to whom the CO delegates certain contract responsibilities, usually related to technical acceptance issues.[1]

Overview Edit

A CO usually administers several contracts at the same time and generally designates a COTR to handle specific contract administration functions. The COTR usually has technical expertise and may come from either the program or IRM/technical organization. Typically, the COTR serves as a technical liaison between the Government and the contractor.

Duties assigned may include monitoring the contractor's technical, schedule, and cost performance against the terms of the contract, approving invoices, and accepting deliverables. The contract must identify the COTR, who is limited to the activities specifically authorized in the contract and identified in writing by the CO.

The COTR does not have authorization to change (add, delete, or modify) contract terms, conditions, or requirements, or to take any action that might give this appearance. The CO alone has the authority to make changes. Any changes must be confirmed in writing. A very large, complex contract for software development services may require multiple COTRs. In this case, the CO may appoint a COR as an interface between the COTRs and the CO. The COR is frequently a contract specialist, but may also come from the program or IRM/technical organization. Some agencies use the terms COR and COTR interchangeably.

References Edit

  1. Information Technology: An Audit Guide For Assessing Acquisition Risks, Glossary, at 91.

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