Definition Edit

Contract modification (also called contract change or mod) is "any written change in the terms and scope of the contract."[1]

Overview Edit

Contract modifications are common actions for many contracting professionals. These changes may be related to contract cost, delivery schedule, schedule, fee, terms and conditions, and personnel.

Government contracting Edit

Changing technologies, funding, and mission requirements may create the need for changes to a contract. The complexity of contracts — which can involve numerous people from different functional areas on both the Government and contractor teams — can lead to misinterpretations and miscommunications of requirements and administrative issues that do not become evident until the contract is under way. Whenever the Government wants something different than was originally envisioned for the original contract or something unforeseen occurs, a modification may become necessary. The need for some modifications may be anticipated from the moment the Government's requirement is identified, such as for periodic price revisions due to the use of an economic price adjustment clause in an upcoming contract.[2]

References Edit

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U.S. government contracting:

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