Citation Edit

DoD Inspector General, Contingency Planning for DoD Mission-Critical Information Systems (Report No. D-2008-047) (Feb. 5, 2008) (full-text).

Overview Edit

Contingency planning is the interim measure used to recover information technology services following an emergency or system disruption. Contingency planning is especially important for mission-critical systems. The loss of mission-critical system operations would cause the stoppage or direct mission support of warfighter operations.

The review of the contingency plans that did meet requirements found no consistency among the contingency plans prepared by system owners within DoD. Each plan contained varying degrees of information. For example, some plans contained system descriptions, system configurations schematics, and disaster recovery scenarios, while other plans did not. Additionally, some plans detailed the frequency of data backups, measures to protect critical software, and procedures for startup at alternate sites, while most plans did not.

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