The following agreement is a very simple, generic content license. CAVEAT: This is only a generic contract. It is not intended to be used without consideration of the circumstances of the particular transaction.

Content License (No. 1) Edit

LICENSOR hereby grants to LICENSEE, its successors and assigns, an exclusive, irrevocable, perpetual (except as provided in the section defining “Term”) right, license and privilege worldwide (“Territory”) to:

  1. incorporate the WORK in the GAME and reproduce, distribute, import and sell the GAME on CD-ROM throughout the Territory on the following platforms: [describe platforms].
  2. publicly perform and authorize others to perform the GAME (and those portions of the WORK incorporated therein) in connection with the advertising, publicizing, marketing and distribution of the GAME.
  3. utilize the trademarks [identify trademarks] in connection with the advertising, publicizing, marketing and distribution, including on the packaging in which the GAME is distributed.

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