Definitions Edit

General Edit

Conformance is "[t]he ability to operate in a way defined by a specification."[1]

Conformance is

[f]ulfilment of a product, process or service of all requirements specified; adherence of an implementation to the requirements of one or more specific standards or technical specifications.[2]
1. The relation between a specification and a real implementation, such as an example of a product. It holds when specific requirements in the specification (the conformance requirements) are met by the implementation.
2. Conformance relates an implementation to a standard. Any proposition that is true in the specification must be true in its implementation.[3]

Software Edit

Conformance refers to

[a]ttributes of software that make the software adhere to standards or conventions relating to portability.[4]

Standard Edit

Conformance is

the state of having satisfied the requirements of some specific standard(s) and/or specification(s).[5]

References Edit

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