Definitions Edit

A computer network is

a series of computers, called hosts, and software connected by means of a telecommunications system that allow groups of individuals to share data, printers, communications systems, electronic mail, and other resources.
a set of connected devices and communication facilities, including more than one computer, with the capability to transmit computer data among them through such communication facilities.[1]

Overview Edit

A computer network may include transmission devices, servers, cables, routers and satellites.

The host computers may be personal computers, commonly used in homes and businesses, or they may be larger. With connections between hosts ranging from local area networks to satellite-mediated, long-haul networks, data in the form of text, voice, and video, can be stored, modified, and exchanged by anyone anywhere on the planet.

References Edit

  1. West Virginia Computer Crime and Abuse Act, W. Va. Stat. §61-3C-3.

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