Citation Edit

General Accounting Office, Computer Buys: Air Force Logistics Modernization Program Should Comply With Brooks Act (IMTEC-86-16; B-220195) (May 15, 1986) (full-text).

Overview Edit

The GAO reviewed the procedures the Air Force Logistics Command followed in procuring computer equipment and services for its Requirements Data Bank Program, which was designed to update automated logistics systems supporting Air Force activities.

The GAO found that the Air Force is not complying with the Brooks Act of 1965, which requires federal agencies to procure computer equipment through the General Services Administration (GSA). The Air Force does not believe that the program and other components of its Logistics Management Systems Modernization Program are subject to the Act's requirements because it believes that the programs are covered by an amendment to the Armed Services Procurement Act. That amendment exempts certain mission-critical, intelligence- or security-related equipment, and weapons systems from the Brooks Act. The GAO believes that the amendment does not cover inventory control, storage depot, base-level, and other logistics systems. The Department of Defense (DOD) has issued guidance distinguishing between those logistics systems designed for administrative and business applications and those designed to meet mission-critical requirements.

The GAO also found that: (1) it had previously designated the Logistics Management Systems Modernization Program as subject to the Brooks Act; and (2) since the Requirements Data Bank Program is not involved in mission-critical or wartime decisionmaking activities, it is subject to the Brooks Act.

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