Definition Edit

A computer-mediated network is

electronically linked devices that communicate interactively over network channels. Generally, both electronic devices will be computer-enabled, but at a minimum at least one device must be computer-enabled as in the case of a typical telephone linking with an computer-enabled interactive telephone system.[1]

Overview Edit

"Typically, the interactive link involves minimal human intervention though someone activates the electronic devices, accesses the network, and may even assist with the process or transaction. For example, many e-commerce businesses are providing shoppers with the on-line capability of "chatting" with customer support representatives or even speaking with them through the use of internet telephony software. Examples of devices and networks are:

References Edit

  1. Thomas L. Mesenbourg, "Measuring Electronic Business: Definitions, Underlying Concepts, and Measurement Plans" (full-text).
  2. Id.

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