Definition Edit

The Community Learning and Information Network (CLIN) is a public-private partnership creating a community-linked learning and information system that provides people with equal access to education, training, and information for the development of new skills, enhanced quality of life and the realization of life-long learning.

Overview Edit

CLIN is a not-for-profit organization that has pioneered distributive learning concepts for more than ten years. CLIN is considered a national resource of intelligence and know-how in the field of distributive learning and "Shared Use" community networking. CLIN was instrumental in developing the operational concept and business rules for the National Guard's Distributive Training Technology Project (DTTP), which is one of the federal government's great success stories in the field of distance learning.

CLIN's strategic objectives include improved national security through education reform and improved homeland defense through the collaborative power of a federal network of community learning and information classroom sites throughout the United States.