Overview Edit

The Aspen Institute's Communications and Society Program is a global forum for leveraging the power of leaders and experts from business, government and the non-profit sector in the communications and information fields for the benefit of society. Its roundtable forums and other projects aim to improve democratic societies and diverse organizations through innovative, multi-disciplinary, values-based policy-making. They promote constructive inquiry and dialogue, and the development and dissemination of new models and options for informed and wise policy decisions.

The Program provides an active venue for global leaders and experts from a variety of disciplines and backgrounds to exchange and gain new knowledge and insights on the societal impact of advances in digital technology and network communications. The Program also creates a multi-disciplinary space in the communications policy-making world where veteran and emerging decision-makers can explore new concepts, find personal growth and insight, and develop new networks for the betterment of the policy-making process and society.

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