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In accordance with Homeland Security Presidential Directive 7, the U.S. Communications Sector Coordinating Council (CSCC) is an industry-led group that represents the viewpoints from the U.S. communications sector and facilitates coordination between industry and the federal government on improving physical and cyber security of the communications critical infrastructure.

The CSCC has the analogous role of the IT-SCC for telecommunications systems comprised of principal providers of communications services and equipment. The CSCC is separate from the NCC Communication ISAC to work as the coordinating component of the Partnership for Critical Infrastructure Security under the CIPAC. Programs include working groups for Administration, State and Local, Cyber, Measurement, Outreach and planning and reporting.

Members from the IT-SCC and the CSCC participate in cross-sector coordination. No specific control systems security programs or activities have been identified; however, cybersecurity issues and programs exist through the vendors and communications trade organizations.

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  • Communications Sector Coordinating Council, The Communications Sector (full-text).

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