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Communications, Computers, and Networks was a special issue of Scientific American magazine, published in September 1991. It was dedicated to articles concerning impending changes to the internet in the period prior to the expansion and mainstreaming of the World Wide Web via Mosaic and Netscape. The issue contained essays by a number of important computer science and internet pioneers.

The Table of Contents listed the following articles:

  • Gary Stix, "Profile: Information Theorist David A. Huffman" (full-text).
  • Michael Dertouzos, "Communications, Computers and Networks" (abstract).
  • Vint Cerf, "Networks" (partial text).
  • Larry Tesler, "Networked Computing in the 1990s" (abstract).
  • Mark Weiser, "The Computer for the 21st Century" (full-text).
  • Nicholas Negroponte, "Products and Services for Computer Networks"
  • Lee Sproull & Sara Kiesler, "Computers, Networks and Work" (full-text).
  • Thomas W. Malone & John F. Rockart, "Computers, Networks and the Corporation" (full-text).
  • Alan Kay, "Computers, Networks and Education" (full-text).
  • Al Gore, "Infrastructure for the Global Village: Computers, Networks and Public Policy" (abstract).
  • Anne W. Branscomb, "Common Law for the Electronic Frontier: Networked Computing Challenges the Laws That Govern Information and Ownership"
  • Mitch Kapor: "Civil Liberties in Cyberspace" (full-text).

The issue is not currently available online.

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