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The Government of Canada's Common Look and Feel for the Internet (CLF) standard is defined by the Chief Information Officer Branch (CIOB) of the Treasury Board Secretariat and evaluated through the "Effectiveness of Information Technology Management" element of the Management Accountability Framework (a balanced score-card approach to measuring management practices across all federal departments and agencies).

This standard governs branding, usability and accessibility standards for government departments on the internet.

In 2000, the Canadian CLF 1.0 standard was implemented and government departments had almost two years to make their sites compliant.

In 2007, the Canadian CLF standard was revised and a 2.0 version was released. Organizations were given two years to comply. This standard comprises the following four elements:

  • Part 1: Standard on Web Addresses
  • Part 2: Standard on the Accessibility, Interoperability and Usability of Web sites
  • Part 3: Standard on Common Web Page Formats
  • Part 4: Standard on Email

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