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At its first formal meeting on December 14, 1982, the President's National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee (NSTAC) established the Commercial Satellite Survivability Task Force (CSS) to assess the vulnerability of the commercial satellite communications network and to determine what enhancements commercial carrier satellites and Earth terminals could provide to the NS/EP telecommunications infrastructure.

The NSTAC directed the CSS Task Force to review specific satellite initiatives selected for implementation, develop an implementation concept, and prepare a report of its actions and recommendations for the NSTAC.

In September 1988, the NSTAC reactivated the CSS Task Force to review the proposed objectives and implementation initiatives of the commercial SATCOM Interconnectivity Phase II Architecture. The NSTAC approved the final CSS Task Force report in March 1990, agreeing with the Task Force assessment that the approach to commercial SATCOM interconnectivity (CSI) Phase II Architecture was reasonable.

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