Overview Edit

The Commander, United States Strategic Command (CDRUSSTRATCOM) has overall responsibility for global network operations and defense in coordination with the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (CJCS) and the other combatant commands.[1]

CDRUSSTRATCOM is responsible for coordinating and directing DOD-wide CND. As military lead for CND, CDRUSSTRATCOM through JTF-GNO is responsible for the computer network incident reporting and developing coordinated response actions for a synchronized defense of DOD computer networks. This includes the development of defensive actions to deter or defeat unauthorized activity by coordinating release and distribution of IA advisories and alerts, and monitoring compliance of issued IA vulnerability alert. In addition, CDRUSSTRATCOM has authority to direct minimum-level DOD-wide information operations conditions (INFOCON) levels.

CDRUSSTRATCOM has space operations authorities and responsibilities tasked by the Unified Command Plan. As the satellite communications (SATCOM) operational manager (SOM), CDRUSSTRATCOM centrally manages SATCOM to meet combatant command, Service, and agency operational requirements and strategic planning to support the SATCOM portion of the GIG.

References Edit

  1. Joint Publication 6-0, at xi.

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