Overview Edit

The Coast Guard Intelligence and Criminal Investigations Enterprise, as the intelligence element of the U.S. Coast Guard, provides timely, actionable, and relevant intelligence and criminal investigative expertise and services to shape Coast Guard operations, planning, and decisionmaking, and to support national and homeland security intelligence requirements.

As the principal federal agency responsible for maritime safety, security, and stewardship, the Coast Guard protects the vital economic and security interests of the United States. The Coast Guard is a multi-mission agency with responsibilities including the safety and security of the public, our natural and economic resources, the global maritime transportation system, and the integrity of our maritime borders. The Coast Guard Intelligence and Criminal Investigations Enterprise develops actionable intelligence to support the Coast Guard in all eleven of its statutory missions.

The Coast Guard fills a unique niche within the Intelligence Community. As a result of its diverse authorities and missions, the Coast Guard maintains broad awareness of the maritime environment. As a military service operating within the Department of Homeland Security, the Coast Guard operates at the intersection between homeland security and national defense. As a law enforcement agency and a national intelligence community member, the Coast Guard also bridges between these two communities. The Coast Guard is also a federal regulatory agency with robust interaction with industry and regional groups.

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