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Definition Edit

A cloud service contract

defines the terms and conditions for access and use of the services offered by the cloud provider and establishes the period of service, conditions for termination, and disposition of data (e.g., preservation period) upon contract termination. Typically, the complete terms and conditions for a cloud service contract are contained in multiple documents, including a service level agreement and privacy and acceptable use policies.[1]

Overview Edit

NIST has identified two types of cloud service contracts: predefined, nonnegotiable contracts and negotiated contracts.[2]

"As a best practice, the Federal Chief Information Officer and Chief Acquisition Officer Councils recommend that contracts for cloud services clearly define how performance is guaranteed (such as response time, resolution or mitigation time, and availability) and require providers to monitor their service levels and provide timely reporting of failures to meet service levels. Moreover, contracts should include enforcement mechanisms that prescribe penalties when service levels are not met."[3]

References Edit

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