Citation Edit

Government of Australia, Cloud Computing Policy: Smarter ICT Investment (Ver. 3.0) (Oct. 8, 2014) (full-text).

Overview Edit

The Australian Government recognises that the community expects government services to be responsive to their needs and available where and when they want them. Key to realising this vision is the effective use of ICT by government, including the adoption of cloud services. To do this, government agencies need to think and act smarter when it comes to investing in ICT. The availability of cloud services offers an opportunity for government to deliver services more efficiently, as well as providing services that are more responsive to business and community needs.

This policy aims to drive a greater take up of cloud services by federal government agencies by adopting a "cloud first" approach.

Under the Government's Cloud Policy agencies now must adopt cloud where it is fit for purpose, provides adequate protection of data and delivers value for money.

NB: This document supersedes Australian Government, Cloud Computing Policy (Ver. 2.1) (July 2013).

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