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Definition Edit

A client may refer to:

  1. A computer or software used to access a host server or the Internet. See also Client-server architecture.
  2. A computer that is used directly by a user, for example, a PC, handheld computer, or workstation.
  3. A user of an Internet service provider.
  4. A user of outsourcing services.
  5. "A system entity, usually a computer process acting on behalf of a human user, that makes use of a service provided by a server."[1]
  6. "[A] machine or software application that accesses a cloud over a network connection, perhaps on behalf of a subscriber."[2]
  7. "A computer or program that connects to or requests the services of another computer or program. Client also can refer to the software that enables the computer or program to establish the connection."[3]

References Edit

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