Definitions Edit

Encryption Edit

A certificate is

a set of data that uniquely identifies a key pair and an owner that is authorized to use the key pair. The certificate contains the owner’s public key and possibly other information, and is digitally signed by a Certification Authority (i.e., a trusted party), thereby binding the public key to the owner.[1]

General Edit

A certificate is

a digital representation of information which at least
  1. identifies the certification authority issuing it,
  2. names or identifies its subscriber,
  3. contains the subscriber's public key,
  4. identifies its operational period, and
  5. is digitally signed by the certification authority issuing it."[2]

Security Edit

A certificate is

[a]n encrypted file containing user or server identification information that is used to verify identity and to help establish a security-enhanced link.[3]

References Edit

  1. Digital Signature Standard (DSS) 2 (FIPS 186-3) (June 2009).
  2. NIST Special Publication 800-32, at 46.
  3. Privacy Technology Focus Group Final Report, App. B, at 51.

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