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The Centre national d'études des télécommunications (CNET) ('National Center for Telecommunication Studies) was a French national research center in telecommunications.

It was created on May 4, 1944 as a French interministerial research centre, but it was placed under the general supervision of the French Minister of PTT (Posts and Telecommunications).

In 1990, the Directorate General of Telecommunications (DGT) (part of the French Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications) became France Télécom and CNET became the R&D (research and development) centre of France Télécom. In March 2000, CNET was renamed and became part of France Télécom R&D, the research and development division of France Télécom. This division was derived from different ancient entities, such as CNET, the CCETT (created in 1972) as well as other entities. Since 2007, France Telecom R&D is also known as Orange Labs, a global network of R&D entities.

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