Overview Edit

The U.S. Geological Survey Center for Biological Informatics (CBI) supports USGS, Departmental, and several international biological/environmental informatics Programs and Activities. The CBI has significant expertise in the development, management, and delivery of various systems, databases, applications, and visualization technologies.

The Center serves as the operating agent for the National Biological Information Infrastructure, hosting various portals,[1] managing the NBII search engine, supporting collaboration systems[2] and developing and providing standards and procedures for acquiring, managing, and sharing biological data and information. CBI also develops, identifies, and provides access to tools that facilitate collection and use of biological information and data, and cooperates with others to improve access to existing information and data not housed at the Center. The intent is that informatics, applied in this way, will be indispensible for scientists, research biologists, resource managers, decision makers, educators, and the public. In addition, CBI manages national data collection programs that complement and strengthen its role within the NBII. Serving of geospatial data and information is through CBI support systems such as the USGS GAP Analysis GapServe[3] and the NBII Metadata Clearinghouse.[4]

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