Definition Edit

Capability validation is

[t]he technical verification of the ability of a proposed system configuration, replacement component, or the features or functions of its software, to satisfy functional requirements. The intent is to ensure that the proposed resources can provide the required functions. Performance requirements are not implied or measured in the validation.[1]

Overview Edit

"Examples of capability validation include:

a. operational capability demonstrations of the functions of the hardware, operating system, or support software;
b. verification of conformance with information processing standards,
c. expert examination of the technical literature supplied with the offer;
d. contacts with other users of the proposed information processing resource; and
e. vendor certification of conformance with the functional requirements."[2]

References Edit

  1. Information Technology: An Audit Guide For Assessing Acquisition Risks, Glossary, at 88.
  2. Id. at 88-89.

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