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Overview Edit

The Canadian IT Law Association (IT.Can) was founded in 1997. Its goal is to provide a national forum for Canadian practitioners to discuss the uniquely Canadian aspects of information technology law and related fields of e-commerce and intellectual property.

Objectives Edit

Some of the objectives of IT.Can are:

  • to promote and encourage the development of information technology law in Canada and to consider and discuss all related subjects;
  • to facilitate the exchange of information and ideas on matters relating to the practice of information technology law in Canada and related subjects;
  • to provide for the delivery of lectures and the holding of seminars, in connection with the practice and study of information technology law in Canada;
  • to print, publish, sell, lend or distribute the proceedings or reports of IT.Can or any papers, communications or works on information technology law or its application or subjects connected therewith;
  • to promote and to provide for the carrying out of research in connection with information technology law and allied subjects and to make, institute and establish grants, rewards or other benefactions in connection with this;
  • to promote, organize and conduct exhibitions in connection with the practice and study of information technology law in Canada;
  • to promote the passage of legislation in the appropriate jurisdictions in Canada which further the cause of the development of information technology law, and to seek consultative status with such jurisdictions with respect to the passage of such legislation; and
  • to associate, to affiliate and to federate with any association, society or organization, incorporated or unincorporated, with objectives the same as or similar to the objects of IT.Can.

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