Overview Edit

California Governor Schwarzenegger signed Executive Order (EO) S‐21‐06 on October 27, 2006 (amended November 28, 2006 as S‐23‐06), titled “Twenty‐First Century Government: Expanding Broadband Access and Usage in California.” In addition to other policies, the EO created the California Broadband Task Force (CBTF) to “bring together public and private stakeholders to remove barriers to broadband access, identify opportunities for increased broadband adoption, and enable the creation and deployment of new advanced communication technologies.” The Governor appointed Task Force members on November 30, 2006, and the Task Force held its first meeting on January 18, 2007.

The EO charged the Task Force with developing two reports. The first report[1] was limited in scope to recommendations for “administrative actions that can result in immediate promotion of broadband access and usage.” In considering this mandate, the Task Force included administrative actions that could be taken solely by the Office of the Governor, an agency, or department.

The final report,[2] submitted in January 2008, recommended a comprehensive set of actions that California can take to eliminate barriers to broadband access and adoption.

References Edit

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