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Definition Edit

The CUI Framework Standards Registry (also CUI Registry) is

the official list of, and recognized standards for, CUI markings including "safeguarding," and "dissemination" maintained by the Executive Agent.[1]
[t]he online repository of information and policy regarding how authorized holders of CUI should handle such information. The CUI Registry: (i) identifies all of the categories and subcategories of information that require safeguarding and dissemination controls consistent with law, regulation, and governmentwide policies; (ii) provides descriptions for each category and subcategory; (iii) identifies the basis for safeguarding and dissemination controls; (iv) contains associated markings and applicable safeguarding, disseminating, and decontrolling procedures; and (v) specifies CUI that may be originated only by certain executive agencies and organizations. The CUI Executive Agent is the approval authority for all categories/subcategories of information identified as CUI in the CUI Registry and only those categories/subcategories listed are considered CUI.[2]

References Edit

  1. Designation and Sharing of Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) §(3)(d).
  2. NIST Special Publication SP 800-171, App. B, at B-2.

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