Citation Edit

CCTV: Developing Privacy Best Practice, Report on the DHS Privacy Office Public Workshop (Dec. 2007) (full-text).

Overview Edit

In December 2007, the DHS Privacy Office held a public workshop titled "CCTV: Developing Privacy Best Practices." The workshop examined ways technology, local and international communities, law enforcement, government agencies, and privacy advocates can shape the use of CCTV and discussed the safeguards that should be in place as use of CCTV continues to expand.

In January 2009, the DHS Privacy Office and CRCL published a report that summarizes the workshop panel discussions and provided resources to help identify and address privacy concerns. The resources shared in the workshop report included Best Practices for Government Use of CCTV; a Template for Privacy Impact Assessment for the Use of CCTV by DHS Programs; a Template for Privacy Impact Assessment for the Use of CCTV by State and Local Entities; and a Template for Civil Liberties Impact Assessments (CLIA).

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