Definition Edit

A business record is a document that records a business dealing. Business records include meeting minutes, memorandums, employment contracts, and accounting source documents.

Overview Edit

It must be retrievable at a later date so that the business dealings can be accurately reviewed as required. Since business is dependent upon confidence and trust, not only must the record be accurate and easily retrieved, the processes surrounding its creation and retrieval must be perceived by customers and the business community to consistently deliver a full and accurate record with no gaps or additions.

Most business records have specified retention periods based on legal requirements or internal company policies. This is important because in many countries (including the United States) documents are required by law be disclosed to government regulatory agencies or to the general public. Likewise, they may be discoverable if the business is sued. Under the business records exception in the Federal Rules of Evidence, certain types of business records, particularly those which are made and kept with regularity, may be considered admissible in court despite containing hearsay.

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