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Definition Edit

A browsewrap license (also called a usewrap license) refers to

"terms and conditions, posted on a Website or accessible on the screen to the user of a CD-ROM, that do not require the user to expressly manifest assent, such as by clicking 'yes' or 'I agree.'"[1]

Overview Edit

"Browsewrap exists where the online host dictates that assent is given merely by using the site."[2] "Browsewraps can take various forms but basically the website will contain a notice that—by merely using the services of, obtaining information from, or initiating applications within the website—the user is agreeing to and is bound by the site's terms of service."[3] "For an internet browsewrap contract to be binding, consumers must have reasonable notice of a company's 'terms of use' and exhibit 'unambiguous assent' to those terms."[4]

References Edit

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