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Definitions Edit

Data Edit

Born digital is/are

something that originates in digital form, as opposed to being converted from analog to digital format.[1]
[d]igital files that were created in digital form; those that were not derived as a surrogate from physical form.[2]

People Edit

[T]hose who are born digital will grow up to have a large number of digital files kept about them — whether they like it or not — and these files begin to accumulate right from the moment of birth.[3]

Overview Edit

Generally, materials that are born digital do not have an analog equivalent. The term is not used to refer to (1) digital materials created as a result of converting analogue originals; or (2) digital materials, which may have originated from a digital source but have been printed to paper, e.g., some electronic records.

"Examples of data that are born digital include:

Privacy Edit

"When data are born digital, privacy concerns can arise from over‐collection. Over‐collection occurs when a program's design intentionally, and sometimes clandestinely, collects information unrelated to its stated purpose. Over‐collection can, in principle, be recognized at the time of collection."[5]

References Edit

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