Definition Edit

A blog aggregator is a website that uses third‐party content to create a blog about a given topic. :)

Overview Edit

The Gawker media sites are perhaps one of the best-known examples of blog aggregators, and also illustrate the different forms that the use of third‐party content can take on these sites. One method of using third‐party content on blog aggregators is as raw material for blogger‐written content, synthesizing information from a number of sources into a single story (occasionally, but not always, incorporating quotes from the original articles) and linking to the original content in the article, at the end, or both. Elsewhere, a post may consist of a two to three sentence summary of an article from a third‐party source, with a link to the original article. Yet other posts are composed of short excerpts or summaries from a number of articles strung together, all with links back to the original articles.

Source Edit

  • Kimberley Isbell & the Citizen Media Law Project, "The Rise of the News Aggregator: Legal Implications and Best Practices" 5 (2010).[1]

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