Definition Edit

A blind attack is

[a] type of network-based attack method that does not require the attacking entity to receive data traffic from the attacked entity; i.e., the attacker does not need to "see" data packets sent by the victim.[1]

Overview Edit

"If an attack method is blind, the attacker's packets can carry (a) a false IP source address (making it difficult for the victim to find the attacker) and (b) a different address on every packet (making it difficult for the victim to block the attack). If the attacker needs to receive traffic from the victim, the attacker must either (c) reveal its own IP address to the victim (which enables the victim to find the attacker or block the attack by filtering) or (d) provide a false address and also subvert network routing mechanisms to divert the returning packets to the attacker (which makes the attack more complex, more difficult, or more expensive)."[2]

References Edit

  1. Internet Security Glossary 37 (RFC 4949) (Ver. 2) (Aug. 2007).
  2. Id.

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