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Definitions Edit

Blacklisting (also referred to as a policy of allow all, deny by exception) is

[t]he process used to identify: (i) software programs that are not authorized to execute on an information system; or (ii) prohibited Universal Resource Locators (URL)/websites.[1]
[t]he process of the system invalidating a user ID based on the user's inappropriate actions. A blacklisted user ID cannot be used to log on to the system, even with the correct authenticator.[2]
blocks placed against IP addresses to prevent inappropriate or unauthorized use of Internet resources.[3]

Overview Edit

Blacklisting and lifting of a blacklisting are both security-relevant events.

References Edit

  1. NIST Special Publication 800-53, App. B, Glossary.
  2. CNSSI 4009.
  3. Id.

See also Edit

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