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Definitions Edit

A biometric template is a

[s]et of stored biometric features comparable directly to biometric features of a recognition biometric sample.[1]
a stored record of an individual's biometric features. Typically, a "livescan" of an individual's biometric attributes is translated through a specific algorithm into a digital record that can be stored in a database or on an integrated circuit chip card. The formatted digital record used to store the biometric attributes is generally referred to as the biometric template.[2]
a digital representation of an individual's distinct characteristics, representing information extracted from a biometric sample. Biometric templates are what are actually compared in a biometric recognition system.[3]

Overview Edit

A biometric reference consisting of an image, or other captured biometric sample, in its original, enhanced or compressed form, is not a biometric template.[4]

The biometric features are not considered to be a biometric template unless they are stored for reference.[5]

References Edit

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