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Definition Edit

A Biometric Intelligence Analysis Report (BIAR) is a

first phase analytical product[] that provide[s] current intelligence assessments on individuals who have been biometrically identified at least once and who may pose a threat to U.S. interests. BIARS provide a summary and background on a person's biometric encounters, all-source intelligence analysis, assessments of the subject's threat and intelligence value, summary of actions taken by the analytical element and recommended actions for operators.[1]
"processed" intelligence product that associates a biometric match with an individual in the biometric database.[2]

Overview Edit

"The BIAR is produced by sorting, analyzing, and linking the biometric match] with the individual's history, along with all-source intelligence. It contains the identification, background, assessment, and intelligence value of the subject. The report is produced for all latent matches, other high-threat matches, and matches from specified mission areas."[3]

References Edit

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