Definitions Edit

A biometric is "[a] physical or behavioral characteristic of a human being."[1]

A biometric is

[a] measurable, physical characteristic or personal behavioral trait used to recognize the identity, or verify the claimed identity, of an applicant.[2]
a measurable physiological or behavioral trait of a living person, especially one that can be used to identify a person or verify a claimed identity. As a biometric is uniquely bound to a person, it can provide the strongest single factor for user authentication. A biometric can be used in conjunction with a password or a token (such as a smart card) to provide strong, two-factor authentication.[3]

Biometrics pertains to the use of specific attributes that reflect unique personal characteristics, such as a fingerprint, an eye blood-vessel print, or a voice print, to validate the identity of a person.

References Edit

  1. NIST Special Publication 800-32.
  2. FIPS 201.
  3. Government Smart Card Handbook, at 52.

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