Overview Edit

National Institutes of Health, Advisory Committee to the Director, Working Group on Biomedical Computing, Biomedical Information Science and Technology Initiative (Report) (June 3, 1999) (full-text).

Overview Edit

In science and technology in the latter half of the 20th century, two fields have stood out for their speed of progress and their effect on society: biomedicine and computation. The charge of this Working Group was to assess the challenges and opportunities presented to the National Institutes of Health by the convergence of these two disciplines.

This report and its recommendations focus on science — both for its insights and as a path toward building an educated interdisciplinary workforce. The centerpiece of the recommendations is the proposal to inaugurate National Programs of Excellence in Biomedical Computing. It is in the context of those National Programs that the best opportunities can be created for doing and learning at the interfaces among biology, mathematics, and computation. With such new and innovative programs in place, scientists will absorb biomedical computing in due course, while supporting the mission of the NIH.

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