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Definitions Edit

Data Edit

Binding is a "[p]rocess of associating two related elements of information."[1]

Encryption Edit

Binding is

[a]n acknowledgement by a trusted third party that associates an entity’s identity with its public key. This may take place through (1) a certification authority’s generation of a public key certificate, (2) a security officer’s verification of an entity’s credentials and placement of the entity’s public key and identifier in a secure database, or (3) an analogous method."[2]
[a] cryptographic operation that links two or more data elements such that the data elements cannot be modified or replaced without being detected.[3]

Printing Edit

Binding is

the tieing together or compiling in a bound form of the printed pages of a book, pamphlet, and the like.[4]

References Edit

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  4. Informing the Nation: Federal Information Dissemination in an Electronic Age, App. D, at 332.

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