Definitions Edit

Behavioral retargeting, or retargeting, is

a form of online marketing whereby e-commerce sites place cookies on visitor's computers when certain items for sale are viewed but not purchased. In conjunction with ad providers, ads for these items are displayed on participating websites whenever the visitor surfs the internet.
a practice of online retailers "in which the retailer delivers an ad to a consumer on a separate website based on the consumer's previous activity on the retailer's website."[1]

Overview Edit

This form of online marketing targets potential customers and constantly reminds them of purchases that they may be considering. While some who have experienced retargeting may feel that their privacy is being invaded, most e-commerce providers will allow you to turn this function off (if you think to ask) and visitors are generally free to change the security settings on their browsers regarding cookies. Most advertisers also assert that no personally identifiable information is transferred or stored through the use of retargeting cookies.

References Edit

  1. Protecting Consumer Privacy in an Era of Rapid Change: A Proposed Framework for Businesses and Policymakers, at 41.

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