Citation Edit

Government Accountability Office, Battlefield Automation: Army Needs to Determine Command and Control Priorities and Costs (GAO/NSIAD-94-12) (Nov. 19, 1993) (full-text).

Overview Edit

The GAO reviewed the U.S. Army's action plan to redesign its command and control systems (ACCS) to determine how it affects the requirements for command and control systems and procedures.

The GAO found that the: (1) Army has recognized that major changes are needed in post-Cold War command and control systems to support a versatile, downsized force; (2) Army's action plan does not prioritize the issues that would restructure ACCS or identify the impact of cost increases or savings associated with the plan; (3) Army has not fully determined the plan's effect on command and control system requirements; and (4) Force Protection Army Command and Control Action Plan will give the Army the capability to meet future command and control requirements.

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