Definition Edit

A ballot marking device uses electronic technology to mark an optical scan ballot at voter direction, interpret the ballot selections, communicate the interpretation for voter verification, and then print a voter-verified ballot. A ballot marking device integrates components such as an optical scanner, printer, touch-screen monitor, and a navigational keypad.

Overview Edit

Voters use the device’s accessible interface to record their choices on a paper or digital ballot. For example, voters with visual impairments will use an audio interface as well as a Braille keypad to make a selection. Voters who prefer to vote in an alternate language can also utilize the audio interface. Voters with disabilities can make their selection using a foot-pedal or a sip-puff device. These devices do not store or tabulate votes electronically. When votes have been recorded and verified, they are printed on a standard optical scan ballot that must be read, recorded, and tabulated by a precinct-based or central count optical scanner. This technology includes functionality to prevent overvotes and undervotes.

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