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Definitions Edit

Computing Edit

Backup is

[t]he saving of information onto off-line and/or on-line mass storage device(s) for the purpose of preventing loss of data in the event of equipment failure or destruction. Backups are primarily used to restore a computer to an operational state following a disaster. Backups differ from archives in the sense that archives are the primary copy of data and backups are a secondary convenience copy of data.[1]

Cryptography Edit

Back-up is

[t]he process of placing at least one copy of a key in a safe facility or facilities so that the key can be quickly retrieved if the original key is lost or modified.[2]

Data Edit

(noun) A back-up is a copy of files and programs made to facilitate recovery if necessary.[3]

A back-up is

[a]ny duplicate of a primary resource function, such as a copy of a computer program or data file. This standby is used in case of loss or failure of the primary resource.[4]

(verb) Back-up refers to the process used to create a copy of one or more files in a computer system (programs, data, etc.).

General Edit

Backup is a

[p]rocedure, system, or data collection to provide replication of lost files or systems in the event of a computer failure.[5]

Preservation Edit

Back-up is

[a]dditional copies of a digital asset made to protect against loss due to unintended destruction or corruption of the primary set of digital assets.The essential attribute of a back-up copy is that the information it contains can be restored in the event that access to the master copy is lost.[6]

References Edit

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See also Edit

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