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The objective of the Automated Low-level Analysis and Description of Diverse Intelligence Video program (ALADDIN Video) is to enable an analyst to query large video data sets to quickly and reliably locate those video clips that show a specific type of event. The ALADDIN program is researching technologies designed to automatically search large numbers of video data files for analyst-defined events of interest and direct the analyst to those video data files that are likely to contain occurrences of those events. ALADDIN's technologies, if successful, will help to automate a triage process that is currently performed largely manually by analysts. Although this is not "data mining," technologies that result from ALADDIN research could, potentially, be applied by operational organizations to support capabilities that involve pattern recognition.

ALADDIN research addresses three significant technical areas: (1) high-speed processing of large amounts of video clips to extract information that can later be used to support queries about each clip's contents; (2) generation of effective queries from small sets of example video clips and a textual description; (3) robust query processing that identifies the clips of interest and summarizes the rationale for their selection. ALADDIN research results will be evaluated by IARPA and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

The ALADDIN program uses video data files in its research and evaluations that are acquired by NIST for its annual, international video search technology research program (TRECVID). TRECVID sponsors public evaluations of video and multimedia search technologies that are open to worldwide participation. ALADDIN performers will participate in these evaluations to demonstrate objective progress in their research. The data collections used in the TRECVID evaluations are made available to all participants through an evaluation participation agreement that stipulates that the TRECVID data collections are to be used for research purposes only. The TRECVID data is collected using a rigorous process that protects privacy.

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