Citation Edit

Commonwealth of Australia, Australian Public Service Better Practice Guide for Big Data (Apr. 2014) (full-text).

Overview Edit

This publication aims to support the adoption of big data analytics by Australian Government agencies. The Guide provides advice to agencies on key considerations for adopting and using big data. It also aims to assist agencies make better use of their data assets whilst ensuring that the Government continues to protect the privacy rights of individuals and security of information.

This Better Practice Guide (BPG) is intended initially as an introductory and educative resource for agencies looking to introduce a capability and the specific challenges and opportunities that accompany such an implementation. Often there will be elements of experience with implementing and using big data to a greater or lesser degree across government agencies. The BPG highlights some of the changes that are required to bring big data into the mainstream of agencies operations. More practical guidance on the management of specific initiatives will be developed subsequent to this BPG as part of a guide to responsible data analytics.

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