Citation Edit

Australian Government, Data Centre Strategy 2010-2025 (2009) (full-text).

Overview Edit

The principle recommendation of this strategy is that data centre requirements should be planned, procured and managed on a whole-of-government basis and that data centre facilities and services will be available via a whole-of-government panel. Portfolios, groups of agencies and large agencies which have aggregated demand above a level of 500 square metres will be able to use the panel arrangements to acquire government data centre sites, facilities and services. Smaller agencies will participate in aggregated arrangements, coordinated by the Department of Finance, to enable them to achieve the required efficiency.

Cloud computing at the infrastructure layer (Infrastructure as a ServiceIaaS) is an integral component of the Strategy. Data Centre rationalisation will bring substantial savings in cost and energy consumption; at the same time, it will improve service standards and increase the ability to cope with disruption.

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