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Definitions Edit

Computer security Edit

Assurance is

the basis for confidence that the security measures, both technical and operational, work as intended to protect the system and the information it processes.[1]
[g]rounds for confidence that the set of intended security controls in an information technology (IT) and industrial control system (ICS) are effective in their application.[2]
[the] [m]easure of confidence that the security features, practices procedures and architecture of an IT system accurately mediates and enforces the security policy.[3]
[a] measure of confidence that management, operationa and technical controls are operating as intended and achieving the security requirements for the system.[4]

Evidence Edit

Assurance is a measure of certainty that a statement or fact is true.

Security Edit

Assurance is "[g]rounds for confidence that a deliverable meets its security objectives."[5]

System design Edit

Assurance is

confidence that a system design meets its requirements, or that its implementation meets its specification, or that some specific property is satisfied.[6]

References Edit

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