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Definitions Edit

Advertising Edit

Association is

[r]eferring to popular values or showing popular images in an ad, so that consumers will transfer their good feelings about the image or value to the advertised product. Values that may appear in association ads include: popularity, beauty, family, patriotism, wealth, physical fitness, the outdoors, and fun.[1]

Data Edit

Association is

[is a] method developed to enable the semantic linking of non-related data elements within the model under specific contexts. This allows the preservation of the object-oriented design principles of the data model while allowing granular specificity of meaning when two or more data elements are used in conjunction.[2]
typically [a] nonprofit organization[] formed around a particular profession, the interests of individuals engaged in that profession, and the public interest. Associations engage other stakeholders (government or private) on behalf of their membership across contexts.[3]

References Edit

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