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The Intelligence Community Directive 301 establishes the roles and responsibilities of the Assistant Deputy DNI for Open Source (ADDNI/OS). The mission of the ADDNI/OS is

[t]o enable all intelligence disciplines to provide timely, relevant and value-added insight to consumers via the National Open Source Enterprise.[1]

The vision of ADDNI/OS is

[o]pen sources are routinely exploited in all intelligence disciplines, facilitated by innovative experts — but with every officer open source capable. Supporting technology is interoperable, and the availability of information resources is maximized by strong public-private relationships, information sharing best practices, and an agile requirements process."

The values of ADDNI/OS are:

  • Agility — the ability to respond quickly and effectively to any challenge or opportunity.
  • Gestalt — the enterprise we build is greater than the sum of its parts.
  • Excellence — in all our actions and activities, providing unparalleled support.

The ADDNI/OS established five goals for the National Open Source Enterprise:

References Edit

  1. National Open Source Enterprise (Apr. 2006).

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